Sunday, October 26, 2003

I realized I had to take the WSJ online article I posted on Thursday night about Mahathir off the was too big and I don't think it's worth the space. I realize I was a bit too focused on that last week but it was a big deal-to me, at least-and I think it was worth noting. However, it appears to have vanished into history [though the Foreign Policy article I wrote about a short while ago, does make reference to Mahathir's anit-Semitic comments back in ' really is a great article.] like everything important tends to do in this nation with a five nanosecond attention span-which is sad. Considering I've been getting no feedback from my avid readers [there must be some because the visitor counter that was posted two weeks ago is already up to 422 the last time I checked], unless there's a request to repost it, it will be gone from this blog forever. My condolences to those of you not lucky to have read it in time.


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