Thursday, October 16, 2003

I would be remiss if I didn't post some info on the tragic accident that occured in my hometown late this afternoon.
Here's a slideshow of photos from the wreckage.
This is the worst part though-the captain was unconscious at the time of the the story for more details.
This is just another story about the accident from a different local tv station.
For a national perspective, click here for a WaPo article.
Finally, from the New York Times:
An article further describing the mystery surrounding the co-captain as well as another story of passenger accounts, and a piece about the scene.
When I first heard about it, my first reaction was that the winds were so strong and the water so choppy that the boat just hit the pilings too hard and some people must have hit the wall and died while others might have gone overboard and gotten pinned between the boat and the slip. I've often wondered why people don't fall off the boat on days like this; why, when hitting the pilings head-on the impact doesn't knowck people off the boat. I don't mean to make fun of the situation at all-anyone who's ever taken a ride on the Ferry on a day with super-choppy waters can relate to my question. Well, it appears that wasn't even what happened this time so it's irrelevant.


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