Thursday, December 04, 2003

Long Trip for Hot Stuff

Some companies -- Southern California Edison, to name one -- will go to great lengths to get rid of their junk. The utility company has won federal approval to ship a 770-ton decommissioned nuclear reactor vessel from its San Onofre, Calif., plant to a dump for low-level nuclear waste in Barnwell, S.C., the Associated Press reports. The 11,000-mile trek around the tip of South America will be the longest journey for a piece of nuclear waste in U.S. history. But the environmental group Greenpeace International opposes the trip. "There are definitely some environmental risks if the barge were to sink," Tom Clements of Greenpeace's nuclear campaign said today. "Those waters off Cape Horn are very treacherous. We just think it would be safer to leave it on site." No word yet on when the voyage will begin.


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