Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I tuned into tonight's Frontline entitled "Al Qaeda's New Front" and came away depressed and downright scared. It seems that despite multiple terrorist attacks on their own soil and many arrests of many terrorist cells throughout Europe since September 11, 2001, Al Qaeda (and perhaps those of other terrorist organizations) continues to draft and recruit more and more European Muslim citizens into their ranks. The fact that an imam can, openly on a street in France or Spain (I don't remember which country it was in), say that they must take revenge on the Zionist enemy and infidels of the world, is unbelievable. They're so open and so blinded by what's going on right beneath their very eyes! And their passivity to this is putting the entire world at risk because they're allowing their soil to become springboards for terrorist groups to operate throughout the world. A terror cell was arrested while they were planning to bomb seven symbollic sites in Madrid: one was a skyscraper designed by the same man who designed the World Trade Center, another was a building in which a judge who had sentenced terrorists had his office, and another was very same subway station that was bombed last March 11th. THEY HAVE THE AUDICTY TO TARGET THE SAME SPOT TWICE!!! Luckily, they were captured before they were able to execute their evil plot. But far too many attacks have already occurred and it's high time that the Europeans realized that they've got a problem in their midst. There are eighteen million muslims in Europe today-and counting, with five million in France alone. The program mentioned that the Muslims that live in their own enclaves outside Paris have no interest in assimilating into French culture and see themselves as living in infidel lands. Well, then why not move back to whatever country they're from? If they want to kill their fellow citizens, why doesn't anyone have a problem with that? This just proves that it's not Israel, it's not America, it's not poverty, it's not repressive regimes that cause terrorism. These people have freedom, they have jobs, they live in open and free France and they still want to go out and kill because they believe that not killing the infidels would make them non-religious Muslims and that's just not acceptable (I'm paraphrasing what one imam said, I'm not making this stuff up). I don't know what to think but it didn't leave me with any encouragement for the future of the muslim world (which, considering its size must be taken seriously), for the future of Europe, the future of America, the future of Israel, or the future of the world.


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