Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Umm...maybe the good people in the White House want to start learning how to use Lexis Nexis or Google before appointing people to important positions? First Bernard Kerik and now a member of the Presidential delegation to Viktor Yuschenko's inauguration over the weekend. This is terrible.

Writings About Jews By Member Of BushDelegation To Ukraine Cause Embarrassment.
Knight Ridder (1/26, Strobel, Landay) reports, Myron B. Kuropas, an adjunct professor at Northern Illinois University, who was part of “a delegation sent by President Bush to Ukraine's presidential inauguration last weekend…has accused Jews of manipulating the Holocaust for their gain and blamed them for Soviet-era atrocities in Ukraine. … The inclusion of Kuropas…appeared to be an embarrassment for the Bush administration.” Knight Ridder goes on to quote from some of Kuropas’ writings deemed offensive by Jewish groups.


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