Tuesday, February 22, 2005

NY's Senior Senator to fillibuster Social Security

According to today's Newsday, Senator Chuck Schumer plans to filibuster the president's Social Security plan when it (if?) it comes to the floor of the Senate. It worked for judicial nominees last session, so why not try it again? Well, for one thing, Majority Leader Frist is threatening to invoke the nuclear option. Personally, I don't think the SS plan (at least as it stands now) will pass; there simply is not enough will behind it-both political and public-to get it done. This filibuster will be a cakewalk compared to the judges.

(In other judicial news, there are reports in today's NYTimes that the thyroid-ridden 80-year-old SCOTUS Chief Justice, William H. Rhenquist, will resign when the current SCOTUS term ends in June. He has been participating in discussions and deliberations of cases, but is missing oral arguments-including today's).


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