Sunday, February 20, 2005

Reason 67,294 to make aliyah (though I've never smoked anything other than a nebulizer in my entire life):

From Ha'aretz:
Police Arrest Teacher for Smoking Pot with Students

A 12th-grade teacher from the Sharon area was arrested over the weekend on suspicion that for the last three months he invited students to his Tel Aviv apartment, where they smoked marijuana.

In addition to the pot smoking, the police who made the arrest said that they were shocked by paintings on the walls of the teacher's home showing "horrific scenes," said one policeman, "like a doll with its arm broken off and dripping blood, and a picture of a gun, and a picture of two women butchering a man below the words 'How to rape an angel.' And pictures of swastikas and Stars of David."

The 32-year-old teacher told police that the pictures were drawn by pupils, whom he had asked to express their feelings. The 17- and 18-year-olds involved in the case confirmed that the drawings were done by them and their friends. Police said they found no evidence of a "satanic cult."

Also arrested was a 22-year-old English teacher from the school and a 22-year-old National Service assistant in the school. The English teacher is due for remand this morning; the other 22-year-old was under a limited house arrest.

The English teacher admitted to being present while the minors smoked marijuana, and stated that she did not smoke the pot, but did take a Hagigit pill, a form of powdered qat that is readily available at kiosks throughout the main cities.

The 32-year-old teacher no longer works at the school where he met the pupils, but does teach at another high school in the area, as well as at a school for blind children and at a facility for special-needs children.

Police said he did not have any explanation for allowing the minors to use the illegal drug, other than to say he "was off-kilter."


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