Thursday, May 19, 2005

I can hear Ariel Sharon speak live in the flesh!

I just got an email from one of the people I worked for last summer (dedicated readers know which office I'm talking about) informing me that my name has been added to the guest list when Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon speaks at Baruch College at 1pm this Sunday. Under normal circumstances I'd be ecstatic and excited, especially considering the event is invitation-only and officially "sold out." Today, however, my dilemma is twofold:
  1. Do I want to be inside hearing Sharon or would I rather be outside protesting the Gaza disengagement plan? and, more importantly,
  2. Do I have a good five hours to waste on extra-curriculars instead of working on my thesis paper (Whether the introduction of nuclear weapons to the conflict in Kashmir made it more or less stable and, if possible, can I draw any conclusions on other global ethnic conflicts)?
Comments anyone?

Update: It's been over six hours since I posted the above entry and while the hit counter has gone up steadily, no one has left a note of any kind! "What's up with that?"


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