Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Quote of the Day

This one comes from Vice President Cheney's speech during a visit to Staten Island last night::
"...it's great to be back and to visit Staten Island..."
You may ask, "Why does that comment deserve 'quote of the day' honors?" Well, it's because Cheney hasn't been to Staten Island since he was elected to office and one has to wonder when the last time he was there at all. The only way out that I can think of is that he was saying that it's great to be back in New York and it's great to visit Staten Island.

In any event, the only reason he came was for a fundraiser for the somewhat-weak Rep. Vito Fossella who won a rather close race last year. Fossella never ever wavers from the party line and one would guess this is his reward: a few hundred thousand in cold, "hard" cash.

On the side, a not-so-close reader will notice that Cheney used the same exact speech for Fosella from 6:40-7:00pm as he did earlier in the day for Rep. Tim Murphy (R-PA) from 12:30-6:45pm in Pittsburgh.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

He gave the same speech twice but once it took him 20 minutes and the other time more than 6 hours?

AND he was in two places at once? (Not sure about the time zones...)


9:49 PM  

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