Thursday, August 25, 2005

Making it easier for me to get into law school

According to National Law Journal,
Fewer people (-2%) applied to law schools for the upcoming academic year, and the number of minority enrollments dropped (-1%), according to information released by 19 of the country's top schools...At the same time, enrollment of women increased, but by less than 1 percentage point.

The upshot of the results means that law schools, which enrolled virtually the same number of students this year compared with last year, selected their incoming classes from a smaller pool of applicants. The figures also indicate that classes starting this fall will have less ethnic diversity but a slightly more balanced male-female composition.

Applications at all law schools have steadily increased in the past few years, but have flattened out at the top schools...What may be fueling the decline is an impression among undergraduates that law schools are becoming more choosy in their selection processes, passing over recent undergraduates for more mature applicants with more life experience. You need a wow-factor in your story.

Some 119,306 attorney hopefuls sent applications to the top schools, with enrollment equaling 6,083. Last year, 122,029 people applied to the schools, with the incoming class totaling 6,037. The average class size this year is 320, compared with 317 last year.

Women make up 44.6% of this fall's class at the responding schools, compared with 44.3% last year. The number of women entering this year's classes totaled 2,717, while the number of women entering last year's classes equaled 2,676.
If those numbers keep going down, perhaps my GPA, LSAT score (four weeks from today), and job experience from the upcoming year will constitute enough of a "Wow factor" to get me in to a top-tier law school. Here's hoping they do!

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Good luck!!!

Which schools are you looking at?

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