Thursday, October 16, 2003

Although Thomas is not acknowledging this, and the Congressional Record has yet to be posted online, WaPo reports that the Syria Accountability passed in the House tonight.
This WaPo article describes Tom DeLay's involvement in its passage and his overall participation in deciding foreign policy. The required "the Zionists control the world" argument is made by James Zogby, followed up by a statement by Shibley Telhami.
Interestingly, while searching for the bill on thomas, I stumbled upon H.CON.RES.106 which is "Recognizing and honoring America's Jewish community on the occasion of its 350th anniversary, supporting the designation of an "American Jewish History Month", and for other purposes." This bill was agreed to by voice vote this morning. Not at all surprising is the fact that my own representative did not cosponsor it. We'll have to inform him, yet again, or our displeasure resulting from his lack of doing ANYTHING for us.
Just returning to the subject for a moment, I managed to track down the vote here. And, as luck would have it, my congressman didn't vote for it! Wow, one startling revelation after the other! The only thing-and I mean only thing-that might give him reason to not vote was if he rushed back to his district because of the Ferry accident [see below] considering the vote took place at 7:24pm, just over three hours after the accident. I, however, have found no proof to substantiate that alibi. We'll see if his office people respond to the email I just sent them.


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