Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Howard Dean on Israel:

I'm sick and tired of everyone saying how conservative Howard Dean is, how he's so great, his positions are so much better for America than the other candidates [especially in light of David Brook's excellent op-ed in today's NYTimes.]

Here's some of his utterances regarding Israel while on the campaign trail:

1) We're trying to broker a truce, and then ultimately a peace settlement, between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Israel is a long-time ally of the United States. But in order to be an honest broker, we have to take a very middle path. I actually think the president has done that in his words. The two-state solution is a solution that I support and I believe is the ultimate way to peace in the Middle East. And we're going to have to be the honest broker. The Americans are the only people who can broker that, and I wish the president had spent more time on the Middle East and less time on Iraq."
2) Most Israelis recognize that they will have to give back occupied land and give up settlements."
3) There is a war going on in the Middle East, and members of Hamas are soldiers in that war, and, therefore, it seems to me that they are going to be casualties if they are going to make war.



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