Sunday, December 07, 2003

"I Love New York"

This piece is short enough to post the whole thing instead of just providing you with a link.

If my city is collecting revenue in such ridiculous ways, why can't they find the money to plow my street!?! At least salt it on the day after a storm that provides us with over a foot of beautiful white snow? Granted, I got home at 10:30AM the day after the storm, but I saw ZERO plows today!

Anyway, here's the story from the New York Daily News.

The most un-pop-ular bust of all?
Just when you think you've seen the silliest of summonses, here comes another bang-up ticket.
Police wrote Queens hospital worker George Pulido a summons for making unreasonable noise because his son Christopher's Winnie the Pooh balloon popped on the street.
"I couldn't believe it," Pulido, 29, of Queens Village, said last night. "It was just a normal-size party balloon and it was an accident. You'd make more noise closing the door of a police car."
Pulido's trip into the ticket twilight zone began innocently the afternoon of Nov. 22 when he took his wife, Christina, 27, an accountant, and sons, Chris, 9, and Brandon, 19 months, to a kid's birthday party at a friend's home in the neighborhood.
Chris was holding a party balloon on a string as the family walked home when it suddenly got away from him at Parsons Blvd. and 105th St., hit the sidewalk and popped.
"Three cops were at the curb in a car and one of them called me over and said he was giving me a ticket," Pulido said.
He said he asked the cop, "Are you serious? You're gonna give me a ticket for balloon popping?"
"The cop gave me a hard look and asked me, 'Do you think popping a balloon is funny?'" Pulido recalled. "At that point I just said just give me the ticket...whatever."
When it was over, Pulido said, "My whole family was upset, especially Christopher because he thought the cops were going to take me to jail. How do you explain what happened to a kid when you don't understand it yourself?"
Police declined to comment on the case last night.
Pulido hopes to clear things up when he appears Queens Criminal Court to answer the summons tomorrow.
A rash of silly summonses made headlines earlier this year for transgressions such as using multiple subway seats or sitting on a milk crate on the sidewalk. A pregnant woman was even ticketed for resting on subway steps. Police brass have consistently denied there is a ticket quota.
Originally published on December 4, 2003


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