Saturday, February 21, 2004

Another article from the NYTimes, this one about security improvements in and around the nation's capital. It's sad to read about it, honestly. The x-ray machines at the Capitol are not that unusual, in this day and age you'd expect something like that in a building that houses our nation's chief legislators. But to see a picture of construction around the White House, walls around the Washington Monument [good thing I got some amazing pictures my last time down there] etc, it's very depressing. They're basically preparing for what goes on Israel, without the bombers [for now, and let's keep it that way]. I wonder what it will look like when I work down there this summer. Ah, but I'll have an official ID tag so I'll have access to it all anyway...yes, the good life.

I guess this would be a good time to publically apologize for my comments on an article from the Christian Science Monitor a few weeks back about a tourist who was afraid to travel the buses of Jerusalem. While I thought it was naive back then, I do see the point and was wrong to belittle and criticize the author. Riding ten or fifteen buses over the course of my stay does not make me an expert. Some might say that I'm lucky, but at no point do [or did] I have the right to make the comments I did. I'm sorry if I offended any readers.


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