Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Clearly I'm in the wrong business if doctors get sent checks for $20,000 just to write scripts for a given company's products! The most we're allowed to accept from someone is $75!!!
This just in: Fighting terrorism actually works!

Despite all the commotion about Israel's security barrier and how terrible it was for the poor Palestinian people, it turns out that it is actually helping them! Who would have thought!?!

And even if the ICJ does add to the opposition and rule the barrier illegal, Ma'ariv reports that Israel will disregard it.

Take that!
Perhaps I'll get "in on the party" when it comes to town in two months from today:

Former President Bill Clinton and Sen. Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts
will serve as warmup speakers at the Democratic National Convention in
Boston next month, the Associated Press reported. Clinton is scheduled to
speak July 26, the opening night of the convention, while Kennedy will
follow July 27. The vice presidential pick will speak July 28 and
Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry will close the convention
July 29 with his acceptance speech. Republicans, who will assemble in New
York on Aug. 30, will hear from a trio of speakers that day: former New
York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, current Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Arizona
Sen. John McCain. First lady Laura Bush, Secretary of Education Rod Paige
and California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will address the audience the
second night. Vice President Dick Cheney and his wife, Lynne Cheney, will
deliver speeches Sept. 1, as will Democratic Sen. Zell Miller of Georgia.
On the final evening, New York Gov. George Pataki will introduce President
Bush, who will close the convention with his acceptance speech.
So, are politics really dry and tasteless?

This, from yesterday's CQ's "Midday Update":

And now for some news with a political flavor: Reuters reports that
Canadian election officials are imploring voters not to eat their ballots
when they go to the polls for federal elections today. "Eating a ballot,
not returning it or otherwise destroying or defacing it constitutes a
serious breach of the Canada Elections Act," Elections Canada warns on its
Internet site, along with answers to more standard questions such as "Why
should I vote?" and "Am I registered?" Three men from Alberta were charged
with eating their ballots during the nation's 2000 election. Calling
themselves members of the Edible Ballot Society, they claimed to be
protesting a lack of real choice among candidates. And you thought hanging
chads were a problem.
At long last, I've returned to The Slippery Slope from my office in the NYS Executive Chamber high above midtown Manhattan. I must say, Blogger has done a beautiful job updating the layout here, I'm quite impressed.
I'm not sure how long this will keep up. While I am doing a ton of reading these days, it remains to be seen if I have the patience to keep up with the blog.
It's worth a shot, isn't it?