Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Traficant's Presidential Bid Ends
Sadly, the fine citizens of the United States of America will not be able to vote for James A. Traficant to the office of President in 2004. Having been lucky enough to be in the House chamber when he was expelled from Congress last summer I was looking forward to some hysterical "One Minute Speehces" about all sorts of insignificant issues. I guess being in jail hampered his campaign plans. Traficant '08 here we come! [heck, maybe he could beat "Billary"]
Beam me up!
Here the New York Times details a new and innovative way to trim a state's budget already being implemented in select states.

Friday, September 26, 2003

And the "Do Not Call" saga continues. The first court ruling seemed to lack credence, but Congress quickly circumvented it by changed the FTC's authority on the matter. Last night's ruling, however, seems to-in my mind, at the very least-be more formidable and according to this article from the front page of today's Washington Post, might actually create some problems.
I recognize that this is a democracy and legal citizens have the ability to register to vote and elect their representatives, but I don't think that the argument that "50 million people can't be wrong" is necissarily binding. Did those 50 million people take the time to read the structure of the law and all the fine details each Congressional document is bound to include? How many people would have thought that charity groups are still permitted to telemarket? I'd argue that because this appeals to the masses in such a unique way, it appears very clear-cut, hence its huge support base: no more annoying phone calls from strangers trying to sell you stuff when you're credit card is already maxed out and you're still paying for the container of milk you bought two years ago due to fiscal irresponsibility.
Like every issue, there are pros and cons. This will, as the New York Times pointed out earlier this week, result in as many as 2M phone-solicitation jobs lost within months. How would one twentyfifth of those who support it feel about the same law if their jobs were at stake? Granted, a phone call is not as ignorable as junk mail and billboards are, especially when receiving several phone calls within a short time span after a long, hard day at work. But at a time when our economy needs more jobs, this fact alone would persuade me to vote against it...and the fifty million.
Road Map Rubble

A brilliant article by Arnold Beichman as to why the most recent road map has directed us to the same place all previous maps, plans, accords, and agreements have led.

"...there will be no peace now or in the foreseeable future because neither Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt or, most visibly, Osama bin Laden will permit Israel, a democratic, modern state to exist. In other words, "peace negotiations" are not about giving up the Settlements or some other fictitious issue. They are about Israel's existence."
Behind the "Pie in the Eye" Award

Some very interesting background information on the jerk who threw a cream pie at Natan Sharansky as he walked on stage last week at Rutgers.
...only more of a reason to be weary of these types. But what's worse is the link to a picture of Greenhouse at the Western Wall and the caption explaining what he's doing there. It's simply disgraceful. We don't do it to other religions, and it's inappropriate [and that's being far too kind] for it to be done to us.
Militant Plot to Hit El Al Planes in Thailand - PM

Just remember, Islam is a religion of peace...I dare ponder what war is if such actions are "peaceful."
Some quotes from last night's California gubenatorial debate:

SCHWARZENEGGER: I love it. Arianna, let me say one thing. Your personal income tax has the biggest loophole -- I can drive my Hummers through it. That's how big your loophole is.


HUFFINGTON: Arnold's analysis fits perfect the Bush administration in Washington. They keep spending, spending, and you have to...

SCHWARZENEGGER: Arianna, you can campaign against Bush. Arianna, if you want to campaign against Bush, go to New Hampshire.


SCHWARZENEGGER: Go to New Hampshire. It's the perfect place for you. You're in the wrong state right now.

HUFFINGTON: No, you know, because otherwise, it's so hypocritical for you...

SCHWARZENEGGER: Or maybe a little bit more decaf.

HUFFINGTON: No! You know what?

Thursday, September 25, 2003

Quote of the Day:
"This bill got to the House floor faster than a consumer
can hang up on a telemarketer at dinnertime." -- Rep. Edward J. Markey, D-Mass., regarding legislation to ratify Oct. 1 start of a national "Do Not Call" registry.
Dean Invokes Boston Tea Party, Rips "King George"

As the "Best of the Web" so adroitly put it:

So let's see if we have this straight: Dean is invoking the Boston Tea Party, even though he favors higher taxes and opposes elections? If he were honest, his campaign slogan would be: "Taxation without representation? Heck yeah!"
It's a sad day in America when the political experience of a viable candidate for a state's highest office matches that of a body builder...or when the candidate is a body builder. People mock President Bush as lacking political finesse, general knowledge/intelligence in matters ranging from fiscal policy to foreign policy to environmental issues, usurping the civil rights of his nation's citizens, and lacking the ability to lead this great nation anywhere but down the drain. They claim he doesn't lead; he merely follows the directions of his father (I must admit that I don't, for a nanosecond, believe that he speaks to his father a mere twice a month, double the frequency he speaks to his brother Jeb...that had to have been a lie on Fox's Monday night "Conversation with the President"), his neocon cabinet, and the wealthy 1% to whom he gave the big tax breaks.
But it's not just the confusing court rulings and disenfranchisement of voters that makes the California recall (inspired by a Congressman I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with while in DC last summer) seem like 2000 all over again. It's that critics are accusing the Republicans of fielding another airhead candidate. But this time I concur. What does "Ah-nold" know about solving the huge budget deficit? What, will he call his Hollywood friends and ask them to donate some cash to the cause? What does he know about dealing with pollution? About the annual mudslides and forest fires? About being politically correct? About dealing with others without blowing or shooting them up? About anything remotely political, let alone gubenatorial?
I'm just glad I live in New York...with Hillary, Bill, and the weekly Chuck Schumer socialist press conference of the week.
Disclaimer: I must admit that as a registered Republican I am not following the Democratic primary race as closely as I should. Considering I have no say in determining who is chosen to represent the Democratic Party in 2004, it is irrelevent at this point what I think or know about any or all of the candidates. When the Dems decide who they'll put up against President Bush I'll begin doing my research. But Harris Cohen just sent me this article about Gen. Wesley Clarke's positions from the Jewish community's perspective...important to know for those that will be voting next year.Wesley Clark comes from ‘a long line of rabbis’
The KGB's Man
An incredible article about Yasser Arafat's background as detailed by the highest ranking intelligence officer ever to have defected from the former Soviet bloc.
The Language of Terrorism
An interesting article explaining the Washington Post's policy of classifying Al Qaeda members as "terrorists" while Hamas members are mere "militants."

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

In my first post I must expressly thank ZS for inspiring me to begin this endeavor and with teaching me everything I know about politics...well, he'd like to think so.
Thanks so much!