Thursday, January 27, 2005

The Forward reports that the OU, taking a lesson from the Young Israel of Woodmere is urging its member congregations to ban Kiddish clubs.
Some months back there was a ban on bringing alcohol into my shul but clearly that was not enforced at all. I'll wait and see if we follow the guidelines (to my knowledge we are a member congregation) and if they're actually enforced this time.
This actually came up at my family's table last Shabbos and we were fairly confident (at least as far as I know, as far as my friends went when we were in elementary and high school just a few years ago) that the issue that is so prevalent, unfortunately, in so many other communities, is not, thankfully, as major in ours and that might have been why it was not enforced.
It is commendable and I'm sure that it will do much to add proper decorum to the services and might even save some teens from becoming alcoholics, or at least make it more difficult for them to get booze on Shabbos morning.


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