Thursday, January 27, 2005

More on the WSJ story I reported earlier this morning about a reshuffling of the Congressional appropriation committees:
A plan by House Appropriations Chairman Jerry Lewis, R-Calif., to dismantle three subcommittees and distribute their turf to other panels is roiling appropriators on both sides of the Capitol. Under Lewis' plan, confirmed by a Senate Appropriations aide, the VA-HUD panel would be broken apart, with its pieces distributed to other subcommittees. Veterans' programs would go to the Military Construction Subcommittee, which would also pick up defense health accounts from the Defense Subcommittee. The Environmental Protection Agency would shift from VA-HUD to the Interior funding measure, while housing programs would be transferred to the Transportation-Treasury bill. The District of Columbia Subcommittee also would be abolished with its responsibilities shifted to the Interior Subcommittee. Finally, the Legislative Branch Subcommittee would be eliminated, with its annual bill handled by the full committee. Stout Senate resistance is expected from former Appropriations Chairman Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, who remains chairman of the Defense Subcommittee, and from Christopher S. Bond, R-Mo., chairman of the VA-HUD panel.


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