Thursday, January 27, 2005

You know, I saw that there was going to be a story on the news last night that a man was offering firms to advertise on his forehead. Apparently 20 year old Andrew Fischer, of Omaha, Nebraska, will receive $37,375 to advertise the snoring remedy SnoreStop for one month. I know, serves me right for watching television, much less the news on television, but he's inspired others to follow his example!

Yesterday, Amber Rainey, a 22 year old pregnant woman from Myrtle Beach, Florida was inspired to try and cash in an even bigger part of her body. Rainey, who's seven months pregnant, hoped that she could earn some extra cash by putting the rights to her ever-expanding abdomen up for for sale on eBay for the next two months. She promises to walk around malls and other highly trafficked parts of her community with her shirt up, thereby exposing the advertisements, up !?!

Here's her official sales pitch:
I'm a professional woman who happens to have a great looking pregnant belly! If you're looking for exposure, look no further. I'll expose my belly to get your company seen! People can't help but look at a pregnant woman's bump!
Well, at least she'll put the money to good use. She said that if she does turn a profit,
she plans to put some of the funds back for her son's future, create a nursery in her home, and use the rest to make repairs to a home she and her husband own in New York but are trying to sell.

I think the common thread between the two: they both live in Red states!


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