Sunday, February 20, 2005

Calling all tech junkies!!!

In case you weren't dorky enough (does using that word make me a dork, too?), there's a new gizmo out on the market! It's a wrist-PDA! WaPo has the details here.

Please don't reward stupid ideas and stick with the sleeker PDA's or SmartPhones, they're much cooler!


Anonymous erk said...

Ridiculous gadgets. Cell phones are useful and yet promote rudeness and reduced attention to one's surroundings. PDAs are just overgrown pads of paper. Whats wrong with a pen and piece of paper? We are too gadgetized and this wrist-pda shows the extreme edge of it. It may be at some future point we will be entirely wired; there are already some practicing this. I wonder how far this gadget craze will take us. For long watches have been worn or carried on one's person. Glasses too are very common and more fundamental. In the past few years digital media players have become abundant, just look around the next time you're on the bus and see how many are wearing the Ipod (c) TM? headphones. But i would think that at this point we are carrying more on our persons than ever before. As the children of this time grow older will they keep adding more and integrating more elctronics into their daily life? Or will there come a point where the human instinct to remain distinct and keep one's identity separate from machinery takes over? I know that there is a limit to how much I would carry. But then I don't even wear a watch; I only carry things other than my keys and wallet if i have my backpack with me (a camelback, which i highly advise, they are great!) [ad placement over, i got $50 for that! jkjk :P]
But in all seriousness, will there come an end to this integration or will humans eventually be half machine as depicted in so many science fiction novels?

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