Sunday, February 20, 2005

Sunday Times Roundup
  • That which is slowly occuring in America, namely that Jews are becoming more conservative and shifting from the left to the center and right, is also occurring in Europe according to this article in the NYTimes Week in Review section.
  • Also in the Times: Another piece on the demise of the New York State Grand Old Party, found here.
  • Thomas Friedman comments on the crumbling, brick by brick, of the Arab World's Berlin Wall.
  • It is noteworthy that on the day that the Israeli Cabinet will be officially endorsing a plan to give away Gaza and part of the Shomron, the Times does a story on the right-wing element within the State. How much more does the NYT want!?! Why not do a story on the historic day, on the political jockeying that occurred ahead of the vote, how Bibi said he'd vote against etc.? Why must there always be a focus on the negative, on the evil and murderous right wing? The rally in Rabin Square against the militant right-wingers was on Friday afternoon so if this story is in response to that (it makes no mention of the rally), they're a day late!
Could the Lexus RX330 be the next Ford Pinto?
  • According to this article, the 2004 RX330-Lexus' first to sell over 100,000 units (quite a statement in and of itself)-has some brake problems. That would be ok (sorta) if they announced, recalled, and fixed the problems. But that would co$t too much money! Instead, in the aftermath of ten complaints to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the government is now investigating a problem that seems to be more widespread than Lexus thought (shocking!). But now that people are aware of the problem it seems Lexus hasn't sent enough replacement parts to its shops! If you own one of those vehicles, I just hope you've been good lately and hope for the best!


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