Friday, February 18, 2005

Let's see if Condi Can Conquer this one

It's great that we have allies like Russia that will continue to help Iran build a nuke. Here's a dispatch from AP via WaPo.

MOSCOW - Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday that Moscow will continue its nuclear cooperation with Iran and that he is convinced Tehran does not intend to develop atomic weapons.

Iran's nuclear program is likely to be one of the top issues when Putin and President Bush meet Thursday in Slovakia.


"The spread of nuclear weapons on the planet does not aid security, it does not strengthen security. The latest steps from Iran confirm that Iran does not intend to produce nuclear weapons and we will continue to develop relations in all spheres, including the peaceful use of nuclear energy," Putin said at a meeting with Iranian National Security Council chief Hassan Rowhani.

Putin's statement indicated that the chance of agreement with Washington on Iran is minimal.

"We hope that Iran will strictly adhere to all international agreements, in relation to Russia and the international community," Putin said.

He also said that Iran's leadership had invited him to visit, and he accepted. Russian news agencies said that no date has been set.


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