Friday, February 11, 2005

Israeli politicians no longer safe from fellow citizens

In an interesting article, Ha'aretz reports that Bibi was "accosted" at a wedding in Kfar Chabad this evening by anti-disengagement protesters who chanted slogans and slashed a tire on his car. (This, the second such incident of the week, following Limor Livnat's run in with Kach activists in Tel Aviv.) He commented later that there is no room for violence in public debate.

I can't help but be reminded of the ABC news piece I saw Tuesday evening wherein they ended the short piece describing the Sharm El Sheikh meeting by showing grafiti that was written in Tel Aviv the same day, warning Sharon that they took care of Rabin and they'll take care of him, too, if they need to. Will this really happen? I'd like to believe that the religious Zionists are just that: religious. The Jewish religion does not permit murder unless someone is actively engaged in trying to murder you, in which case it's self-defense. Killing the Prime Minister (or any other government official for that matter) does not qualify as self-defense in my book. I hope that my "brethren" (a word that has always sounded fake to me but fits here) in Israel have more common sense than that.


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