Friday, February 11, 2005

Will this lead to a Wilson-like kerfuffle?
New Book Reveals Military, CIA Code Names.
NBC Nightly News(2/10, story 4, 2:00, Myers) reported, “In a direct challenge to the US government, military analyst Bill Arkin has published 3,000 US code names, many of them top secret, along with brief descriptions of Pentagon or CIA programs they represent. The former senior Greenpeace researcher argues too much national security information is hidden from the public. Classified for political reasons, rather than to guard vital secrets.” Arkin: “It’s trivial secrecy. It’s bureaucratic secrecy. These are bureaucrats trying to protect their turf. This is not national security. This is government gone wild.” NBC (Myers) added, “The Pentagon’s reaction so far? Muted. It has launched a routine leak investigation to see if sensitive programs were compromised.”
How is this any better than Bob Novak "outing" Valery Plame last summer? Where's the outrage!?!


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