Monday, May 23, 2005

More vitriol from the protesters

I just stumbled on a piece in Monday's New York Sun, by a reporter who was informed of details both before and after, by the protest organizers. This article actually gives more ink to four or five people than to Sharon.

As I suspected, the hecklers got in because the ZOA is a member of the Presidents Conference (and most probably Mort Klein didn't want to embarass himself like that) so they got a block of tickets and abused their privilege. But the source the reporter cites is wrong; there were not ten people expelled. Similarly, there were no "scuffles." Again, they exaggerate and misrepresent the facts. But I'd expect better from a journalist.

Chants and posters like "Death to Sharon" and "Sharon - Hitler is proud of you" were heard and seen among the protesters who demonstrated along with pro-Palestinians outside the auditorium. How discomforting.


Blogger mazeartist said...

The NY Sun writer shouyld be ashamed of herself. I was present at the rally, and our ownly two slogans were "Not One Inch" and "Shame on you." Never did we issue death threats to anyone.
Certainly there were about five or six Kahanists who may have shouted death threats, but they do not reflect the larger crowd.
We promise an Orange Revolution that will be nonviolent. Why kill Sharon when we could defeat him democratically? Unfortunately the autocrat refuses a referendum.

8:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, Mike, their "ownly" slogans...nuff said, right? ;)

And this guy speaks for several hundred people, again displaying his penchant for overgeneralizing.
Good to know they had Kahanists, Palestinian apologists (if not actual Palestinians), and Lubavitch all together. To quote the Lion King, Can you feel the achdus tonight?
Lastly, (I thought I'd never make it, so much to rebut here) he obviously hasn't seen the most recent polls in Israel, which indicated Likud would win big and the radical right that he'd likely support would be marginalized.

10:23 PM  
Blogger mazeartist said...

Instead of polls, how about a real referendum? Or is Sharon too chicken to try the real thing? He keeps quoting polls to justify his cowardly plan.
Having lost the democratic Likud referendum, Sharon doesn't want to lose again by bringing the question to the people. Instead, his cabinet and Knesset can rubber-stamp yes on everything he proposes.

9:24 PM  

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