Friday, June 17, 2005

Sefer Torah dropped on Shavuos at Ohr Torah?

Has anyone heard about a sefer torah being dropped on Shavuos (how sadly ironic) in Ohr Torah in North Woodmere? I heard the rabbi broke down in tears and was screaming at the kehilah, noting how horrible it is for them to have dropped it on "Z'man matan torahseinu," telling them that they're all guilty, and imploring them to do teshuva and fast this coming Monday.

However, shortly thereafter (according to my source who was present) he said that he'll be fasting for all of them (we don't believe in Christianity though, what's up with that line?) on this Monday and since veryone's into losing weight these days anyway they should fast, too (see Rambam Hilchos Teshuva about why we fast...not to lose weight!).

Strange story...anyone heard about it?


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