Friday, October 17, 2003

Some articles that may be not be getting enough attention because of the Yankees victory early this morning:
OIC Summit Host Responds to Criticism of Mahathir's Remarks About Jews
and some more on this at Western countries turn on Mahathir
I'm not sure why DoD didn't rebuke this one or at least distance themselves from it but this is just terrible: General: We're in a 'Spiritual Battle'--Says 'Christian army' fights Satan, Muslims worship 'idol'
On the Iraqi reconstruction bill making its way through Congress: Senate Turns Half of Iraq Aid Into Loans-Senate Turns Half of $20.3B in Aid to Iraq Into Loans in Embarrassing Setback for Bush
And some follow up on the horrific Staten Island Ferry 'accident': Staten Island Ferry Was Going Full Speed-Staten Island Ferry That Crashed, Killing 10, Was Going at Full Speed As It Hurtled Into Pier

That's all for today...I won't be posting until Sunday night at the earliest, but here's a picture of where I'll be for the weekend: The Ramada Plaza Hotel in Edison, NJ for Camp HASC's Simchaton...YAY!!!
Have a great weekend, please come back soon, and GO YANKEES!


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