Thursday, December 25, 2003

The French Attack...

Well, not yet. According to The Washington Post, three Air France jets bound for Los Angeles were cancelled when authorities found that some of the passengers might have been connected to terrorists. The French connected to terrorists? When did this happen?!?

More interestingly-if you can call it that-is the fear by some authorities that terrorist sympathizers might have infiltrated foreign flight crews...let's hope that's not true.

...Just four days until my own trip aboard the wonderful thing we call an airplane. For security reasons-unless I've already posted it-I will not tell you which airline I'm departing from, or which airport I'm leaving from...but I'm going to Israel so if I can't stomach these security threats how will I be able to handle those? Wish me one's commented in a long while though the site counter keeps jumping higher and higher so I know someone must be reading this!
Happy Chanuka [and all other holidays celebrated today] to all!


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