Sunday, December 14, 2003

Sen. Lieberman Challenges Gov. Dean

On "Meet the Press" this morning, Sen. Lieberman said that "if Howard Dean had his way, Saddam Hussein would be power today, not in prison." Interesting to see how Dean responds to this success. A good point. Though, as BOTW points out, had Gore-Lieberman won in 2000, Saddam would probably still be in power also.

Also, in addition to being the day that Saddam Hussein was captured by US forces, it is also the three year anniversary of Al Gore's final concession to George W. Bush. Coincidence???

[I have much more to write, especially given my meeting this morning with Rep. Anthony Weiner, but I'm in the midst of finals and hope to pick up blogging more once they're over on Wednesday evening. Till then these infrequent updates will have to do. Again, thanks for reading! -Michael]


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