Saturday, January 17, 2004

Some advice for the Dems
The members of Congress vying for the Democratic presidential nomination might want to bone up on their political science history before continuing their campaigns. According to research by The Goldman Sachs Group, while almost two-thirds of U.S. presidents served in Congress before winning the White House, only three made the jump directly, and all three died in office. The study also pointed out that one-third of presidents served previously as vice president, and all but one acceded directly to the presidency. Turning the perspective around, 14 of 46 vice presidents -- about 30 percent -- have made the jump. "Taken together, these two points suggest that the Democrats should be falling all over each other to quit the campaign and join someone else's as the vice presidential nominee," Goldman Sachs suggests.
-CQ Today Midday Update [1/5/2004]


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