Thursday, February 05, 2004

I have returned from Israel. I've heard that my cousin Leah is waiting for me to post my reflections on my visit. It's a work in progress, I'll post it in due time. In the mean time, give Shirley and Yonatan big hug and a kiss for me!!!

First of all, here is a link to the International Court of Justice where the "Geder Hafrada" or "Separation Fence" will be considered.

John Kerry is the frontrunner in the Democratic primaries while Ariel Sharon managed to get around a vote of no confidence earlier this week and will be interrogated by authorities regarding the Greek Island Affair. In the mean time he's making plans to unilaterally pull out of the Gaza Strip even if the Palestinians make no progress in regaining control of their people. Interesting.

Meanwhile more toxic substances have turned up at the Senate office buildings...and I hope to work there this summer!?!

In domestic politics, things have gotten even more interesting in the gay marriage debate. One day after the State of Ohio bans same-sex unions, the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled that homosexuals have full marriage rights. Even before President Bush makes this a campaign issue and introduces a constitutional ammendment [as is expected later in the year though the likelihood of passing such legislation is a longshot at best] banning homosexual marriage, state courts are making their own opinions known on the record.

This article argues that outsourcing labor is beneficial to the global economy. While this might be true, it badly hurts the American economy. Several months ago, the Times ran an article detailing outsourcing in the medical arena, such as radiologists in other nations that read scans over hte internet during their day time which is our nighttime. A "60 Minutes" piece discussed the same issue. While this might help the respective economies of the nations to which the companies outsource, it doesn't help the American economy and doesn't neceissarily increase customer service etc. In a time of such high unemployment and fiscal crisis, I believe that the government should be giving companies greater incentives to maintain their operations here instead of turning a blind eye to outsourcing. It might help the global economy, but we must look out for ourselves first.

There's an interesting op-ed in today's Washington Post detailing the atrocities in North Korea [such as testing chemicals on citizens in gas chambers] and comparing the world's silence today to the silence of the global community during the Holocaust sixty years ago.

That's all for now.

It's good to be back.


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