Friday, February 27, 2004

While I'd prefer not to quote Rush Limbaugh for anything other than jokes (he is, after all, nothing more than another entertainer), he did bring up a great point this afternoon, sometime around 1:45pm.

In a speech last fall before the Arab American Institute, John Kerry berated Israel's security fence, probably in an attempt to pander to his audience, saying, "I know how disheartened Palestinians are by the Israeli government's decision to build the barrier off the green line cutting deep into Palestinian areas. We don't need more barriers to peace."

Earlier this week, however, he actually seemed to support the idea. Senator Kerry, as quoted by the Jerusalem Post, said, "Israel's security fence is a legitimate act of self-defense. No nation can stand by while its children are blown up at pizza parlors and on buses."

Which will it be senator? A "yea" for the fence in support of Israel, or a "nea" for the fence, in support of the Palestinians?


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