Saturday, February 28, 2004

You know an article is important when, the night before it even hits the newsstands, it's already #17 on the "top 25 most emailed articles" on There are so many good points in this article about anti-Semitism in France that it's impossible for me to comment on each of them. However, I would like to highlight one short paragraph:

<< Stora said that when she complained to Hanna's teacher about the anti-Semitic remarks, the teacher was dismissive. ''Of course it's because of Sharon,'' Stora recalled the teacher saying. ''I'm surprised your daughter takes it so personally.'' >>

Can someone explain to me, LOGICALLY, how criticism of the Israeli Prime Minister translates into the harsh anti-Jewish comments the author writes about [read the rest of the article to understand the context here]?

The great thing about this article is that it really debunks all the stupidity around the excuses coming out of Europe. If you read nothing else from this blog today, PLEASE read this one.


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