Sunday, January 30, 2005

Huge Rally in Jerusalem

It is being reported in the Israeli media (though the most comprehensive coverage can be found here) that somewhere between 100,00 and 150,000 Israelis congregated outside the Knesset this afternoon to voice their disapproval of Sharon's disengagement plan. So far things have been peaceful (the alternative would be terrible and only add more fuel to the proverbial fire) and it's a great showing of unity in front of the State's legislative body as well as the Prime Minister's office (as well as that of my uncle, whose former boss was jeered and interrupted several times as he addressed the crowd). According to organizers, the rally will last a full twenty four hours. I'm uncertain as to whether the tents that have been there for the past month will remain or if this will mark the culmination and completion of the month-long protest.

Parenthetically, aside from showing their displeasure and disgust with the plan, I'm not sure how effective this whole thing has been. It does not seem, to me at least, that Sharon or his new coalition government (which was actually formed during the protest's first week!) have changed their plans at all. It's definitely not a waste but as a month has passed I'm looking for some positive results and, aside from increasing achdut among some (and significantly decreasing it among others), I'm not sure what the "mitnachlim" ("settlers") have to show for their efforts.


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