Friday, February 25, 2005

Bush and Putin agree: Russia should not have nukes

There's a problem with the following statement:
"We agreed that Iran should not have a nuclear weapon. I appreciate Vladimir's understanding on that," Bush said. "We agreed that North Korea should not have a nuclear weapon."
In a TSS post earlier this week we quoted WaPo who quoted Putin as saying:
"The spread of nuclear weapons on the planet does not aid security, it does not strengthen security. The latest steps from Iran confirm that Iran does not intend to produce nuclear weapons and we will continue to develop relations in all spheres, including the peaceful use of nuclear energy," Putin said at a meeting with Iranian National Security Council chief Hassan Rowhani.
So while Bush and Putin can agree that Iran should not have a nuke, Putin can say that it is clear that the Iranians are not developing one and that their nuke program is exclusively for energy production etc. As such, Putin can say, Russia will continue to support Iran's construction of nuclear reactors. In short: Bush-Putin meeting didn't resolve this issue and don't let anyone fool you by telling you it did.


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