Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Assorted items on this last thesis-writing day

I think that instead of spending one more day (it's due by 1pm tomorrow) slaving over my senior thesis on nukes in global ethnic conflicts, Kashmir in particular, I should just attend Donald Trump's new educational institution, appropriately called "Trump University" and try to tap into his success and vast financial resources.

Eric Cohen of National Review Online has some sharp criticism for the OU, whom he thinks represents all of orthodox Judaism, for their support of the Castle-DeGette stem cell bill that will be brought to the House floor for a vote today. I haven't had a chance to digest it but I obviously disgree. It is notable, however, that he includes the full text of the letter they sent to House members two weeks ago, meaning he either got it from a House staffer or from the OU itself..

Dana Milbank at WaPo has a cute piece on the AIPAC conference, describing how much effort they're spending to show how great and mighty they are. Meanwhile, Nathan Guttman, who will be replaced as Ha'aretz's DC correspondent in two months by Shmuel Rosner according to an email I received from the latter yesterday, writes about the strong unprecedented pro-American sentiment that is in the air at the annual AIPAC Policy Conference this year - pro-American, flag-waving patriotism with Israel being relegated to posters that say "Israel. An American Value."

Clyde Haberman of the NYT points out the stupidity and sheer ignorance of protesters outside Sharon's speech on Sunday who had the audacity and hubris to compare the Prime Minister to Hitler and the Nazis.

And, lastly, Yossi Beilin calls for the end of Israel's Chief Rabbis. Now there's a shocker.


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