Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Back in two

I'm currently preparing for the last final of my relatively brief undergraduate career (wow, can you feel the excitement?), studying for the LSAT I'll be taking three months and one day from now (but who's counting), and setting things up for my job in DC next year (among "other things"). On the DC job front, I can confirm that I'll be taking my LSAT here in NY (I haven't registered yet so I don't know exactly where, but definitely somewhere in NY) and will be home through the following Thursday which means I'll be home for Rosh HaShana. We'll see where I'll be for Succos once we get closer (I really hope I can make it back!!!) but LSAT registration necessitated the conversation (which went surprisingly well!).

Once my final is over on Wednesday morning and my last LSAT review class for twelve days is complete later that evening, I hope to return to the blogosphere with a real consistency that has been lacking this month.

As I ate breakfast this morning, I couldn't help but notice the front page article in the WSJ about Bill Frist...'twas (hehe) like a longer version of the article I cited in "Brooks Bashes Bill." Maybe someone sent some of that info to Brooks as it was being put together.

Also, some monumental decisions from SCOTUS earlier today, I hope to get to them later in the week. There's also a great op-ed by Richard Epstein of U. of Chicago Law School re. the eminent domain case decided last week in Monday's WSJ-I can post it if anyone's interested and doesn't subscribe.

In the meantime, I'll be back in 2 days...please don't miss too much.

(And, as always, comments are much appreciated!)


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