Sunday, June 19, 2005

Brooks Bashes Bill

Anyone who's spent any time in DC knows the old joke:
I once walked into the Senate cloakroom before an important vote and said, "Mr. President."

100 people turned my way and answered, "Yes?"
Well, Senate Majority Leader Dr. Bill Frist is running for president. But NYT's David Brooks says he likes the old, more authentic, Frist better than the one traveling the country today. It's not the deepest of pieces, but I completely agree and here's why:

Last August, the day before the Republican National Convention kicked off in Madison Square Garden here in New York City, AIPAC, RJC, and UJC held a joint party at Chelsea Piers. The food was spectacular, the band was huge, and the political wattage was very high (Frist, Rudy, Cantor, Bloomberg, Mekel, Smith). Largely in part to the work I'd done for the campaign to that point, I had the opportunity to take a picture with Frist without throngs of people around. The picture features a graying Bill Frist standing next to me.

When the State of the Union address came around in early February, I noticed that Frist's hair was a youthful shade of brown, much different than the do he was sporting in the late summer.

I'm not sure his positions are as fake as his hair color but, like last month, I'm still not his biggest fan.


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