Sunday, June 19, 2005

Low Battery

Without citing any ways to get around it, WaPo published an article describing the ways we keep our gizmos fully charged and ready for use. From making sure to sit in the back of a room near an outlet (the reason I normally sit in the back of all my classes these days), to sitting on the floor in airports, to having chargers all over your house to accomodate all the gadgets that need charging, we are in need of some innovative technology that will increase battery life and free us from our dependency on wires.

This eMachines laptop can run wireless card-free on the lowest screen setting for just over three hours; with the wireless card inserted but on lowest screen setting it runs for just over an hour. My PocketPC (which, due to poor battery longevity and with the fairly new laptop, is not used much these days) needs to be recharged every two or three days even if it's not turned on and doesn't even last three hours. My Motorola V180 can go on about 2-3 hours of talktime and just under 48 hours on standby before dying (very impressive though it's going down gradually). Either way, it's time for some major improvements in battery life IMHO.


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