Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Can't get cloture

The inability of the US Senate to invoke cloture last night on debating the nomination of John Bolton to be our next ambassador to the United Nations means that the only option left for him is a recess appointment (as we reported yesterday).

Dr. Frist said today that he will not bring the motion up for a third vote and that he will now have to consult with the White House regarding the next step.

This is an embarassment for both the White House and Dr. Frist and, given the lack of support all around, I repeat my position: it would be inappropriate for Bolton to come to the UN by means of a recess appointment. Such an appointment would expire in 2006 anyway, thus necessitating another bloody battle either at a lame duck session of the Senate in December of next year, or at the beginning of the 110th Session in 2007. Neither prospect is not all that appealing. Why not just nominate someone who can get the support of the Senate in a more respectable fashion?


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