Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The end of NYC2012

Around 6:30AM EDT the announcement came from Singapore: New York City will not be hosting the 2012 summer olympic games.

I'm so terribly disappointed. Here's why:
  • We won't be building monstrous buildings for years and years ahead of a two week stay by athletes, their coaches, tourists, dignitaries etc.
  • We won't be using billions of dollars for a private recreational event that, historically, has never resulted in profits for the host city.
  • We won't have to knock down houses (remember the eminent domain case two weeks ago?), change the layout of lakes in Queens, or anything else that won't really help us "the morning after."
  • We won't have to be at "Code Red" on the Department of Homeland Security Advisory System.
  • It will be impossible for NYC residents (and those living in the suburbs) to live their normal lives. Just look at what happened during the Republican National Convention last year!
If you have any other reasons as to why not having the Olympics is a good thing, please lets us know!


Blogger Karl said...

"...building monstrous buildings" - coz NY is doesn't do that that kind of thing. I've noticed all those small low-rise buildings that they keep on building, why cant they just leave those open pasture lands alone.

"look at what happened during the Republican National Convention last year" - yeah I was there, didn't seem to affect much, just a lot of hype and scaremongering.

3:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must disagree with you Karl. I lived on 34th during the convention and life was impossibule. We could not cross the street often. While I love the olyimpics and have always wanted to atend I must say I was very happy to hear we would not have it here. NYC is not the place for it. It is not only unfair to those who live in the congested city but also unfair to the people who come from all over the world. They would get stuck in awful traffic and be subject to the awful NYC heat that is worse due to the amount of glass the sun reflects off of.

Those are only minor reasons that the Olyipics do not belong in NYC. How would we pay for it? Frankly I don't want my parking tickets to go up anymore because of it, do you?


3:46 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

You're correct, I was imprecise in my wording. Here's what I meant to say.

We don't need an Olympic-sized stadium in the city, or many of the other buildings and venues that would have had to have been built had NYC won the bid. Yes, we obviously have huge skyscrapers (I'm quite proud of them, actually) and hopefully within the next ten years we'll have the biggest building in the world in the Freedom Tower. But we don't need huge stadiums to house 80K people for two days.

I, too, was at the RNC, both inside and outside. Unless you were actually inside or had anything to do with it, it was not so pleasant getting around that week. Imagine what an Olympic games would do to the city for who knows how long. And for what?

3:47 PM  

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