Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Keeping abreast of Conservative Judaism

The title, regarding this absurd story, is just one of many I could have come up with but me being a young yeshiva bochur and this being a family-friendly blog I'll leave it at that.

The author also says that "Synagogue sanctuaries are hardly immune from social challenges. Some Orthodox congregations recently began banning most alcohol consumption; one Orthodox synagogue on Long Island has prohibited talking during religious services." Hey, news flash for the author, Ms. Cohen: you're talking about the same synagogue! Yes, the same Young Israel of Woodmere, under the rabbinic supervision of Rabbi H. Billet, that banned alcohol at their weekly kiddush (which eventually led to the OU ban) was the same synagogue to recently distribute a petition to its membership pledging not to speak during davening. Having been there this past Sunday for my cousin's son's bris, I saw the pledge for myself.

(BTW-anyone else hear that R' Billet is taking time off to be a rabbi at Howard Jonas' IDT yeshiva in Newark, NJ? If he moved to the Garden State it would be considerably more convenient for his wife, the principal of Ma'ayanot in Teaneck, NJ).

What's up with the shoddy reporting at the NYJWeek this week? This article, on the novel proposals to bring down yeshiva tuition costs in the 5Towns, includes one new quote but, otherwise, is basically lifted in its entirety from a LI Herald article. In college my professors would call that plagerism. And, to make matters worse, it's an outdated story!

Elsewhere in JWeek, Adam Dickter tries to keep Weiner in the NYC race for Gracie.

Of course, we can't have an article in any J-pub about RLUIPA without a quote by the esteemed Director of the Institute for Public Affairs, Mr. Nathan J. Diament. This one's a "background" and is a must-read. He's also mentioned in a Forward piece on the position of J-org's regarding the upcoming SCOTUS nominee battle.

After the State Dept. spokesman said he was unaware of any Israeli request for additional aid to implement the Gaza Disengagement plan which, by the way, happened the same day Israeli officials said that the delegation that visited DC this week was to request such a package, it is being reported that a grant to the Jewish State will be unlikely given the current budget tension in Congress over veterans and homeland security etc.

(It's cute how the article cites the ZOA's poll after the ADL one...and then proceeds to flesh out the ADL's findings without returning to the ZOA's.)

Further, the same article discusses a meeting of members of the OSCE without any mention of one of the newest members, Sen. Sam Brownback. How disappointing.

Gil Troy, brother of "my good friend" Tevi Troy (former Jewish Liaison to the American Jewish community, Policy Director at BC'04, and currently Deputy Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy), opines that Hadassah deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. They'll be lobbying the passage of the stem cell bill in the Senate (which we discussed here) when they host their national gathering in our nation's capital next week but are they worthy of a Nobel? Read the piece and judge for yourself!

And, speaking of former Jewish Liaison's who still work in the White House, the father of another former liaison, (Rabbi?) Jacob Neusner (father of Noam, currently only a spokesman at OMB), writes about the departure of JTS chancellor Ismar Schorsch and the fallout within the Conservative community. (Wow, we've never blogged about the Conservative side of Judaism so much as we are in this one post!)

Having been asked about a comment a relative through marriage made about my family, I'm wondering if this will happen to me when I get there.

I haven't blogged in a while but just made up for it...should this have been broken up into several more manageable posts? Phew, I'm finally done!


Blogger orthomom said...

You didn't mention that even the new quote in the Jewish Week was a completely idiotic one from Marc Stern of the AJC. Did he think we really wanted his opinion on whether the new program would produce talmidei chachamim or am haratzim? Uh,no. We wanted his opinion on the legality of the program. For the other question, I'll ask my Rabbi, thank you!

8:49 AM  
Blogger Michael said...

You're right, thanks for making the point.

I must say that I'm a bit disappointed; you missed at least one spelling mistake!

9:12 AM  
Blogger orthomom said...

I notice all. But have you ever really seen me correct anyone's spelling except DB? He just gives me so much material...

12:49 PM  

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