Thursday, July 28, 2005

Tough Times in Israel

First the OU sent a letter (actual letter available in PDF format here) to various Israeli officials last week informing them that they deemed actions of the IDF, Israeli Police, and Border Police etc. "intolerable and unacceptable." JWeek follows up with an editoral and Gary Rosenblatt's column is dedicated to the issue. He ends with a terribly sad quote from the mother of one of the boys arrested for protesting recently:
“My husband was in prison from 1969 to 1972 because he wanted to come to Israel,” she told me.

They came in 1973, and raised seven children, their sons all serving in the army.

“We love this country,” Malka said, “but American Jews should know what is happening here. My husband has been told he must go to Petach Tikvah to be interrogated [presumably in connection with their son’s arrest].

“In Russia it was the KGB. Here it is the Shabak. But this is worse,” she said, “because here it is the Jews doing this to us.”
Wow, this is what it's come to.


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