Tuesday, October 21, 2003

I hate Paul Krugman.
This piece is so one-sided, it is almost a praise of a bigot's history of racism. Krugman makes no mention of a fact that was included in the front page article [posted below]:
"In fact, Malaysia ...was run by a man who once blamed the Asian financial crisis in 1997 on the Jews and often said Western-style democracy would be a disaster in the developing world."

All Krugman says is that:
"At that time, rather than accept the austerity programs recommended by the U.S. government and the I.M.F., he loudly blamed machinations by Western speculators, and imposed temporary controls on the outflow of capital — a step denounced by all but a handful of Western economists. As it turned out, his economic strategy was right: Malaysia suffered a shallower slump and achieved a quicker recovery than its neighbors."

Perhaps Krugman got mixed up? The front page article claims Mahathir blamed the Jews for the financial crisis while warning that western democracy would be a disaster for the developing world [not such a far-fetched idea, I've actually read a lot to suppor this but this might have been too simplistic]. Krugman claims Mahathir blamed the crisis on western machinations while making no mention of blame directed toward the Jews.

Further, for him to blame this idiot's comments on President Bush's policies is just dumb. There comes a point in time when people like Krugman and Dowd must wake up and realize that everything bad in the world is not the fault of George W. Bush. Though you may argue he is not a good president, promotes bad policies, and has drawn us into two wars [I'll give you that much], anti-semtism is not his fault! Anti-semitism preceeded this administration and it will, in all likelihood, be around long after it as well. I'm sick and tired of people blaming everything on one man. As I study for my poli-sci mid-term, we've learned that to analyze an issue exclusively from the purely individualistic viewpoint is flawed. You can't blame everything on one man. You must look at what goes on on the domestic level [which, you can argue, Krugman was doing by pointing out that his anti-semitism was throwing a bone to the muslims in his nation...that's just sick, but ok], on the international level, as well as on the individual level. You can't blame all of World War II on Hitler and you can't blame all that's wrong in the world today on Bush.
I hate Paul Krugman.


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