Friday, February 06, 2004

TODAY'S TRIVIA: Rep. Jane Harman, D-Calif., ranking Democrat on the House Select Intelligence Committee, is married to millionaire audio equipment manufacturer Sidney Harman.
-Yes, that's the company that made my desktop speakers! Do I need to burn them now, being a registered Republican etc? ;)

Jay Leno: "You know, I think he's in trouble. For the first time since his Presidency, President Bush's approval rating has dropped below 50%. The last time Bush was below 50% was when he got his report card from Yale. That was the last time."
Jay Leno: "In fact, they say Bush's popularity is falling so fast, his new Secret Service code name is Howard Dean."

Jay Leno: "Because of this ricin poison scare yesterday, the US Senate postponed all voting. This has a ripple effect on the economy because when politicians can't vote, oil companies, drug companies, tobacco companies, they can't give them money, and that means that bartenders, hookers, they all suffer."

David Letterman: "I don't know what this means exactly, but President Bush's approval rating is down below 50%. Yeah, that's too bad. So now he's going to have to let Saddam go and catch him again."

David Letterman: "Of course last night was a big Democratic primary, they had like seven primaries, and caucuses all across the United States, and today presidential candidate Howard Dean was at a fish market in Seattle catching fish. And he did so well that next week he starts full-time."

David Letterman: "Top 10 Things Never Before Said by a Presidential Candidate (as read by John Edwards): 10. Vote for me or I'll slash your tires. 9. Forget universal health care — I'm buying every American an XBox. 8. In a crisis, I ask myself, 'What would Tony Danza do?’ 7. I'd give you my plan for economic recovery if I wasn't rip-stinkin' drunk. 6. ‘If your last name begins with 'M' through 'Z,' sorry — your taxes are doubling. 5. We're gonna cut the deficit by selling North Dakota to Canada. 4. I have tons of experience from being president of the Burt Reynolds Fan Club. 3. Lady, that is one ugly baby. 2. When I'm president, I'm putting Regis on Mount Rushmore. 1. Read my lips: No new wardrobe malfunctions."

David Letterman: "Also bad news for Dennis Kucinich, he finished behind Punxsutawney Phil."


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