Friday, February 06, 2004

Well here's a dumb article from the Christian Science Monitor by an author who's too afraid to travel the stone streets of Jerusalem or purchase jewelry from the open air markets. How dumb. By holing herself up in Tel Aviv, she's letting the terrorists win. She doesn't realize that while she should take precautions on her life, such as wearing a seat-belt (after all, more people die in motor vehicle accidents than from terrorism in the State of Israel [where one Sunday had over 1500 a state around the size of New Jersey!]), she has no idea of when 'her time' will be and should really live her life as normal. If we give up on Jerusalem, the capital of the country, they'll just continue to Tel Aviv.

I don't know, I know that some people will disagree and will say that there's no reason to put your life in danger by going to such dangerous places. I guess from my experiences, such as taking 10-15 bus trips on my recent stay, walking through those same stone streets and spending hours buying rugalach in the 'shuk' on Machane Yehudah, I see no reason to be so incredibly fearful. I just don't think you can live your life in fear like that.

Feel free to leave a comment, maybe I'm just out of my mind and off my rocker.


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