Sunday, January 30, 2005

Most disturbing quote of the day:

This one, courtesy of failed the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee, Senator John Forbes Kerry, was uttered during his interview this morning with Tim Russert of NBC's "Meet the Press." I almost lost my breakfast upon hearing it. He was explaining why his campaign had money left in the bank after November 2nd. After all, people donated the money for it to have been spent so that he'd be victorious. Perhaps the reason he lost was because he underspent? No, Kerry says,

Money was not an issue in the outcome of what happened in this race.
Well, that's just great. While people in your state (and country) don't have health insurance or jobs you don't care about how much money you, your campaign, or your party spent on the election because there was just so much around it didn't make a difference! Why keep track of things that are so plentiful?

Don't get me wrong, I'm equally disappointed with the Republicans on this one. I actually turned a profit this November for going to Philadelphia for a few days as part of the RNC's "72 Hour Effort." The operation there was awash with money and people doing nothing. I'm in full support of some reform on the matter but we're clearly headed far away from the day anyone even mentions, let alone supports, such legislation.


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