Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Confirmed: Sharon speaking at Baruch College on May 22

According to this week's NY Jewish Week, the Conference of Presidents is
focused on what it hopes will be a massive show of support for Sharon on May 22 at a venue yet to be decided. A first location, the Brooklyn Marriott, was scrapped early this week for logistical and security reasons.
However, as I reported last night, I can absolutely confirm that Sharon will be speaking at Baruch College on May 22. What remains unclear (only because my sources have not gotten back to me on this) is whether he's speaking at 1:30pm or 2:00pm and whether it will be open to the public or not. I'd be surprised if it were, in fact, open to the public simply because I'd assume organizers would like to try to prevent the attendance of hecklers would try interrupt Sharon in the middle of his speech (you know, sort of like what happens whenever he speaks in the Knesset). Nonetheless, I hope it is open to the public and will post more as it becomes available to me.

Additionally, NY elected officials have been invited to attend but it remains to be seen who (if any) will show up. While it is a mayoral election year in NYC and each candidate is trying to garner the J-vote, this is a very divisive issue and might be too hot to handle for the politicians. Well, aside from Assemblyman Dov Hikind, that is.


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please email me if you hear that Sharons speach at Baruch will be open to the public.

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