Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Free At Last!!!

Going on less than two hours of sleep last night (one reader can call me out for lying-I was so tired I didn't do the math properly when you asked me before, I'm sorry), I handed in my senior thesis on Kashmir (it's posted somewhere on this vast blog-can you find it?....better question: do you want to?) at 12:15 this afternoon, a mere 45 minutes before the deadline (good thing there was no traffic!). Oddly enough, I was the first one to do so! Unfortunately that didn't win me any extra credit or brownie points with my professor. I then had a brief chat with her (hey, what's that loud kissing sound coming from the back of the room?) about Sharon's speech on Sunday @ Baruch which, it turns out, we both attended (naturally, I had a better seat).

I spent most of the next hour and fifteen minutes with an exceptionally helpful friend studying for my last final of the semester (likely the last in my college career but that remains to be seen), took said exam, rocked and aced said exam like nobody's business, and happily drove home.

I will now pay homage to the famous radio announcer for my second favorite New York baseball team:
Exam over, day over, week over, month over, semester over! Michael Wins! Miiiiiichaelllll WIIIIIIIINNNNNSSSSS!!!!!!

I'm going to collapse now but I promise to be back tomorrow refreshed and better than ever.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Exceptionally helpful friend" says thanks for the shout-out!
Always a pleasure

11:51 PM  
Anonymous esther from jerusalem said...

Hurray for Michael! College is done! All that is left is to make Aliyah.

Israel Needs People like You!!!!!

8:05 AM  

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