Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Sharon heckled at AIPAC Conference

A resident of Gush Katif was in the audience as Prime Minister Sharon addressed the 5,000-strong audience this morning in the Washington Convention Center at the annual gathering of the American Israel Public Affairs Commitee, a.k.a. AIPAC; what every publication is calling "the second most powerful lobbying group according to the National Review." According to the article,
His address was interrupted briefly by a heckler opposed to the withdrawal. She shouted "I live in Gush Katif," a reference to the main settlement bloc in Gaza, and "it's an expulsion, an expulsion," before being hustled out by security.
In other news, I just found the following in my inbox:
From Tel Aviv to South Africa to New York to Los Angeles to many other cities, synchronized video hook-ups on Tues July 19, evening in Tel Aviv, lunch-time in EST, etc, rally to support and save Gush Katif/Gaza from thousands to tens of thousands, save the date and time with orange banners and flyers......details to follow. contact David Romanoff romanoffdavid@hotmail.com davidromanoff@gmail.com
Very cryptic and sketchy and I'm not sure what that means but "details to follow" so stay tuned.


Blogger mazeartist said...

deatils to follow may sound vague, but in my opinion it's referring to the upcoming Orange Revolution,where Sharon will be peacefully overthrown in favor of a right-wing religious zionist state.

8:03 PM  

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